Smooth High Capacity Bucket Elevator

Smooth High Capacity Bucket Elevator

sleek substantial capacity bucket elevator

TH Ring chain bucket conveyor also named double chain bucket elevator. When compared with TD belt bucket conveyor, ring chain conveyor use forging ring chain as their traction element. It is commonly utilised for bulk content which density significantly less than 1.5t/m3,this kind of as Coal, cement, sand, fertilizer, foodstuff, etc.

Rewards and Characteristics 
one.Exceptional sealing, much less environmental air pollution
2.The bucket elevator wheels have bolted rims very easily replaceable fabricated in wear resistant steel.
3.Symmetrical weight distribution to long daily life of chain and driveshaft.
4.Strength conservation and much less maintenance ensure the machine a quite lower price.
five.Innovative design principle has ensured the trustworthiness of machine operation.
six.High manufacture accuracy. The housing circumstance is of good rigidity and lovely look by the edge folding and intermediate beading.
seven.Lifting top up to 60m.
eight.Compact installation arrangement.
nine.Top can be CZPT in accordance to your want

CZPT Parameter:

TH Ring Chain Bucket CZPT
Model TH160 TH200 TH250 TH315 TH400 TH500 TH630 TH800 TH1000 TH1250
Bucket Sort sh sh sh sh sh sh sh sh sh sh
Capability  m³/h 25 29 forty eight sixty 94 118 185 235 365 613
Bucket Width  mm one hundred sixty two hundred 250 315 four hundred five hundred 630 800 1000 1250
Bucket Volume  one.9L 2.4L 4.6L 6.0L nine.5L fifteen.0L 23.6L 37.5L 58.3L 92L
Bucket Pitch  mm five hundred 500 five hundred 512 512 688 688 920 920 864
Bucket Pace one.2m/s 1.4m/s one.5m/s 1.6m/s
Chain(diameter×pitch) mm 14×50 14×50 14×50 18×64 18×64 22×86 22×86 26×92 26×92 30×108
Chain Variety 9 9 nine 7 7 7 7 9 nine 7
Chain Amount 2 two 2 two two two 2 two 2 2
Driving Pulley Diameter/mm three hundred 365 520 630 710 800 900 1000 1250 1250
One Chain Damaged Load  ≥190kN ≥320kN ≥480kN ≥570kN ≥890kN
Speed of mainshaft(r/min) 69.71 sixty three.22 44.eleven forty two.five 37.6 35.8 31.8 thirty.5 24.four 24.four
Max. Materials Particle Dimension mm 20 twenty five 30 35 40 fifty 60 65 70 seventy five

Choice Circumstances

♦Material to be processed: _____ ♦Material is corrosive or not: ____ (Ps. Indeed or No)
♦Handling capacity (Ps. It implies the complete ♦Working setting is indoor or outdoor:________
substance capacity feeding from the inlet): _____t/h ♦Material is liquid or not:___________(Ps. Indeed or No)
♦Bulk Density: _____t/m3 ♦Working atmosphere temperature: _______ ºC
♦Lifting peak of the elevator (distance  among ♦Upstream products (Ps. It implies what type of
 inlet and outlet):__________m products is used to feed the material): _____
♦Max. granule size of the feeding substance: ____mm ♦Downstream gear (Ps. It indicates what variety of
♦Percentage of Max. granule in material:_________% gear is utilized to discharge the materials): _____
♦Material temperature: _____ºC ♦Working power source: _____V ______HZ 
♦water content material:____%

We mainly supply the adhering to gears :

Vibrating Screen Rotary vibrating monitor
Ultrasonic vibrating display
Gyratory monitor
Trommel monitor
CZPT vibrating monitor
Circular vibrating display
Dewatering display screen
Vibrating feeder
Belt CZPT Belt conveyor
Sidewall belt conveyor
Transportable belt conveyor
Shuttle conveyor
Bucket CZPT Effective bucket elevator
Belt bucket elevator
Ring chain bucket elevator
Plate chain bucket elevator
Cement bucket elevator
Silo bucket elevator
Screw CZPT U-kind screw conveyor
Cement screw conveyor
Pipe screw conveyor
Scraper CZPT Horizontal scraper chain conveyor
Incline scraper chain conveyor
Grain scraper chain conveyor


Smooth High Capacity Bucket Elevator