Small Plastic Bottles Mineral Water Filling Bottling Bottled Water Production Line

Small Plastic Bottles Mineral Water Filling Bottling Bottled Water Production Line

Principal Attribute

  • This device has a compact structure, ideal control program, simple to function and highly automatic.
  • The parts speak to with item is made of quality SUS, anti-corrosive, and simple to cleanse.
  • By adopting high velocity filling valve, the liquid degree is exact and no waste. That ensures the demand of filling engineering.
  • The capping head adopts continuous torque magnetic gadget to ensure capping good quality and effect cap.
  • This device has a high effective cap arranging method, best cap feeding and safety unit.
  • Geared up with best clear administration technique to guarantee the bottle thoroughly clean.
  • Only by shifting the star-wheel, can realize to fill the altered bottle shape.
  • The machine adopts excellent overload protective unit can make certain the operator and device safe.
  • This machine adopts adjustable frequency converter.
  • The main electrical elements, frequency, photoelectric change, proximity switch, electrical management valves all undertake imported factors, which can ensure the good quality efficiency.
  • The manage method has many capabilities, this kind of as manage making speed, cap scarcity detection, bottle block automated end and manufacturing counting and so on.
  • The electric components and pneumatic components are all introduced from world famous brand goods.
  • Manufacturing facility Direct offer wrap all around packer with good top quality

        The bottles are transported by conveyor, and be inspected and arranged in accordance to the programmed method, following ending total carton arrangement, the cardboard giving system will deliver the ship the cardboard into the device, and the bottle dropping system will fall the bottles into the cardboard, and than the cardboard folding system will fold the cardboard, glue it and seal it stage by phase. The fashioned the carton will be send out out of the device by the roller, which enhances the generation performance and comprehend full automatic manless creation.

         Case packaging equipment, wrap hinaround carton packaging device, wrap all around carton packing

    Main configuration

    l  PLC                                                                            Siemens

    l  Frequency converter                                              Danfoss

    l  Photoelectric sensor                                                 SICK

    l  Servo motor                                                             Panasonic

    l  Pneumatic components                                             SMC

    l  Low-voltage apparatus                                           Schneider

    l  Touch screen                                                    Schneider/Siemens


     Major gear description

    one. CZPT program: the merchandise will be divided and inspected on this conveyor.

    two. Automatic cardboard giving technique: This tools is set up in the facet of the main equipment, which stores the carton cardboards, the vacuumed sucking disk will indraft the cardboard into the guide slot, and then the belt will transport the cardboard into the main equipment.

    three. Computerized bottle dropping program: This technique separates the bottles in carton device immediately, and then drops the bottles immediately.

    4. Cardboard folding mechanism: the servo driver of this system will travel the chain to fold the cardboard action by step.

    5. Lateral carton urgent systemthe lateral cardboard of carton be pressed by this mechanism to type the shape.

    6. Top carton pressing mechanism: The cylinder presses the up cardboard of the carton after glueing. It is adjustable, so that it can suited for diverse dimensions of carton

    7. Automatic method management cupboard:

    Scenario wraparound device adopt Siemens PLC to manage the full system of the device.

    The interface is Schneider contact monitor with very good screen of creation administration and status.

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Small Plastic Bottles Mineral Water Filling Bottling Bottled Water Production Line