PU Endless Timing Belt for Glass Auto Machines

PU Endless Timing Belt for Glass Auto Machines

PU synchronous belt was created by thermoplastic polyurethane&comma metal&comma and Kevlar fiber twine&comma has a large dress in capability&comma different kinds of metal wire main can guarantee its very good athletic potential in the shifting&comma and the manufacturing of tolerance is little&period of time Opened PU synchronous belt transmission is reliable and has the dimensional balance&period Including a layer of nylon in the tooth floor and domain back again of tooth during the manufacturing method to ensure the balance of unique software&comma still a layer of polyurethane can be extra in the back again of belt to avoid corrosion or large load&interval

We provide&colon
1&period of time Product&colon MXL&comma XL&comma L&comma H&comma XH&comma XXH&comma T2&period5&comma T5&comma T10&comma T20&comma AT5&comma AT10&comma AT20&comma HTD2M&comma 3M&comma 5M&comma 8M&comma 14M&comma STD2M&comma S3M&comma S5M&comma S8M&comma S14M&comma RPP3M&comma RPP5M&comma RPP8M&comma RPP14M
two&interval Material&colon Polyurethane
3&interval Model Title&colon Jbosun
4&interval Place of Origin&colon HangCZPT China &lparMainland&rpar
5&period of time Packaging Depth&colon Export Carton
six&period of time Supply Detail&colon About 7 Days soon after obtaining thirty&percnt T&solT payment in progress

Timing  Belt
Type Pitch  Tooth top Belt thickness
pb&lparmm&rpar ht&lparmm&rpar hs&lparmm&rpar
MXL 2&period032 &period51 one&period14
XL 5&period08 one&period27 two&period3
XXL three&period175 &period76 1&period52
L 9&period525 1&period91 three&period6
H twelve&period7 two&period29 4&period3
XH 22&period225 6&period35 eleven&period2
XXH 31&period75 nine&period53 15&period7
T2&period5 two&period5 &period7 one&period3
T5 5 one&period2 two&period2
T10 ten two&period5 four&period5
T20 twenty 5 eight
AT5 five 1&period2 2&period7
AT10 10 2&period5 5
AT20 20 five eight
Arc tooth HTD 2M 2 &period75 one&period36
3M three 1&period22 two&period4
5M five 2&period06 three&period8
8M eight three&period36 six
14M fourteen 6&period02 10
20M twenty 8&period4 13&period2
Arc tooth STD S2M 2 &period76 one&period36
S3M three 1&period14 two&period2
S5M 5 one&period91 three&period4
S8M 8 3&period05 5&period3
S14M fourteen 5&period3 ten&period2
Arc tooth RPP RPP3M 3 1&period15 1&period9
RPP5M five 1&period95 3&period5
RPP8M eight three&period2 5&period5
RPP14M 14 6 10

Mechanical Homes
1&comma Dimension stability
two&comma Reduced preliminary stress
3&comma Lower sounds
4&comma Higher resistance to wear
five&comma Free from sustain
six&comma Superb elasticity

Chemical Homes
one&time period Anti-ageing&comma water-proof resolution&comma avert UVA&comma prevent ozone&comma
2&time period Operating temperature&colon -30degree~&plus80degree&comma can face up to greatest 110degree inside of short time -30degree~ &plus80degree &in addition 110degree
3&time period Very stop oil & grease&comma
four&interval Resistance to most acid&comma alkali corrosion&comma

Used in Textile&comma Printing and Chemical Device and Medical Tools&comma etc&interval&time period&time period

Vast variety of molds and comprehensive versions for your option&interval OEM is provided&period of time

Any inquiry&comma you should feel free to get in touch with us for far more details&comma we’ll reaction you ASAP&excl

PU Endless Timing Belt for Glass Auto Machines