MC33 Double Flex Cast Iron Chains

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Double Flex Chain


Double Flex Chain is a detachable-type chain with a rugged, double flex design for horizontal turning and conventional articulation. It retains its pulling power around the curves with center line radii as small as 18 inches. Its wide-web top design provides more than ample carrying surface.

The chains are supposed for use in multistrand conveyors dealing with individual loads underneath conditions of moderate corrosion. They are usually supported in channels and are very adaptable, making it possible for fluid motion and adaptability when essential. This versatility allows them to be utilized in a range of hefty duty apps, but their main software is in the bottling business, in which they are known as on to deal with crates and fuel bottles.

Chain No. Pitch In Inches Links Per 10 Feet Weight Per Foot LBS Average Ultimate Strength LBS. Maximum Working Load LBS. A Db Dp E E1 F T
MC33 2.500 48 3.3 11000 1050 1.56 1.25 0.5 0.38 0.69 1.25 0.31


Uses Of Double Flex Chain

  1. Conveyor Systems: Double flex chains are widely used in conveyor systems for transporting materials or products along an assembly line or within a production facility. They can handle a range of loads and are suitable for applications in industries such as manufacturing, food processing, packaging, and logistics.
  2. Bottling and Packaging Equipment: Double flex chains are utilized in bottling and packaging equipment, such as filling machines, capping machines, and labeling machines. They facilitate the smooth movement of bottles, containers, and packaging materials, allowing for efficient and continuous production.
  3. Automotive Manufacturing: Double flex chains are employed in automotive manufacturing processes, including assembly lines and paint shops. They help transport and position vehicle components, such as frames, chassis, body panels, and engines, throughout the production line.
  4. Material Handling Equipment: Double flex chains are used in various material handling equipment, such as conveyors, elevators, and bucket elevators. They enable the movement of bulk materials, heavy loads, or granular products in industries like mining, agriculture, construction, and warehousing.
  5. Printing and Paper Industry: Double flex chains find application in printing presses, paper mills, and paper converting equipment. They are used to feed paper rolls, control the movement of paper webs, and facilitate the printing, cutting, and folding processes.

Maintenance tips for Double Flex Chain

  1. Regular Cleaning: Double flex chains can accumulate dirt, debris, or contaminants during operation, which can hinder their smooth movement and cause premature wear. Regularly clean the chains using a suitable cleaning agent to remove any buildup. Ensure that the chains are dry before putting them back into operation.
  2. Inspect for Damage: Periodically inspect the double flex chains for any signs of damage, such as bent or broken links, excessive wear, or elongation. Damaged chains should be replaced promptly to prevent further deterioration and potential system failure.
  3. Proper Lubrication: Lubrication is crucial to reduce friction, minimize wear, and enhance the performance of double flex chains. Follow the manufacturer's recommendations for lubrication intervals and use a lubricant specifically designed for chain applications. Apply the lubricant evenly throughout the length of the chains, ensuring that all moving parts are adequately coated.
  4. Tension Adjustment: Check the tension of the double flex chains regularly. Chains that are too loose may experience slippage or disengagement, while chains that are overly tight can cause excess stress and accelerated wear. Adjust the tension as per the manufacturer's guidelines to maintain the proper balance.
  5. Sprocket Inspection: Inspect the sprockets that engage with the double flex chains for any signs of wear or damage. Worn or damaged sprockets can cause chain misalignment and accelerated wear. If necessary, replace the sprockets to ensure proper engagement and smooth operation.

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