Polyester Felt 1.0mm Grey Color

Polyester Felt 1.0mm Grey Color

 Polyester Felt one.0mm Grey Color 
Polyester standard temperature needle felt is a wonderful fiber fabric in which fibers are staggered and the gaps are evenly distributed by non-woven needle punching process. The surfaces of needle felts produced from polyester staple fibers and polyester twisted yarns are hot-rolled, singed or coated. Following the post-treatment, the surface of the filter is clean and clean, and it is not simply blocked by dust. The filter has a huge voidage, excellent air permeability, a vast variety of makes use of, strong chemical security, and can not only filter the regular temperature gas but also filter the acid and alkali. The corrosive fuel, and can filter h2o, oil, is the regular temperature circumstances, liquid-strong separation and other fields perfect filter material



 Polyester Felt one.0mm Grey Color 


100% polyester




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Eco-pleasant, Tremendous overall flexibility, large cross force,not easy loose deformation,

Wear resistance, smooth hand experience, oil absorbility,


employed for numerous industries, residence equipment, shockproof, dust proof,seals liner, oil seals, insulation, audio proofing, and audio absorption,polishing stainless metal, glass, wooden ware, diamond and so on



Polyester acupuncture filter felt has the attributes of substantial porosity, good air permeability, moderate acid and alkalinity, and superb abrasion resistance. It is the largest utilized in felt filter media. A range of species.


  1. Polyester needled felt is manufactured of fine and limited fibers with staggered arrangement and uniform pore distribution. The porosity is up to 70%, which is 2 times that of woven filter fabric.
  2. Large dust removing efficiency and low gasoline emission focus.
  3. Polyester needle felt floor following very hot rolling and singeing or coating finishing, sleek, not effortless to plug, no deformation, effortless cleansing, long services daily life.
  4. Anti-static needle felt has anti-corrosion blast furnace gasoline and cement mill dust bag electrostatic discharge electrostatic discharge, the operate of deriving static electrical power.

Polyester acupuncture filter felts are utilised in many industries these kinds of as metallurgy, chemical engineering, constructing components, machinery, petroleum, prescribed drugs, foodstuff processing, etc., in approach purposes, content restoration, air purification, dust handle, and liquid filtration.


Application :

one.felt bag /pouch ,felt computer bag 

2.Felt place mats  

three.Felt key chain

four.Felt hat 

5.Felt decoration/felt ornament

six.felt key pouch

7.felt underlay 



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Polyester Felt 1.0mm Grey Color