Open Timing Belt for Automatic Door

Open Timing Belt for Automatic Door

CZPT Description of Open Timing Belt for Computerized CZPT:

(a) 7m prolonged for normal automatic doorway system
(b) the duration can be modified according to customer’s requirement
(c) automated door accessory
(d) a essential portion for computerized door program
(e) High quality polyurethane, low sounds and high overall performance, environment pleasant.
(f) With metal wire within, strong and resilient.

Photograph of Open Timing Belt for Automatic CZPT:

Automatic Sliding CZPT Operator

Other Computerized Sliding CZPT Components

1. Operation
The automated doorway operator is to be completely electronic operator, housed in a completely anodised aluminum transom segment.
The intelliget controller device can be programmed for link to any security/alarm programs, is self checking and calibrating, has memory for all data on door stoke and brake positions.
The operator has developed-in uninterrupted power supply (Battery back up) operation and safety for the duration of electricity failure.
four.Belt Generate
Travel is by way of toothed belt, which is strengthened with fiberglass tensile associates, and has nylon facing floor for tooth security on the pulleys. This blend creates silent accurate procedure.
The track is self-cleaning duel linear. The upper observe is manufactured of more difficult more robust alloy 6351T6, and can be replaced CZPT relocating the transom. The wheel trolley is equipped with anti-increase wheels, ensuing in quite firmly equipped doorways with procedure totally free of any racking.
Electromechanical Locking: An electrical lock option is CZPT to give total safety and can be tailored where manual locking cannot be accomplished, i. E. Frameless toughened Glass doorways. Lock is the microprocessor controlled electrical locking program. The microprocessor screens all facets of the lock functions. E. G. To guarantee the doorway is totally closed when the lock is 100% engaged. Terminal outputs are CZPT to signal to safety technique each doorway positions and lock status.


Open Timing Belt for Automatic Door