Normalize Heat Treatment Furnace for 35kg LPG Cylinders

Normalize Heat Treatment Furnace for 35kg LPG Cylinders

                                     CZPT Parameter for gas warmth treatment method furnace

Execution normal reference for National industrial furnace production, installation and inspection:

  1. JB/DQ5071-82 CZPT manual
  2. JB2851-ninety two Resistant furnace and temperature manage cupboard standard
  3. ZBJ5710-87 Warmth remedy furnace energy consumption grade
  4. GB9452-eighty two Warmth preservation precision standard of efficient heating region
  5. GB15711-87 CZPT sounds manage standard
  6. GB9078-96 CZPT furnace air pollution discharge specifications
  7. JB/T7629-ninety four Specification for style and set up for refractory fiber brasque

Introduction for this products:
Continuous cylinder warmth treatment nature gasoline warmth treatment furnace is widely utilised for warmth treatment method of metal cylinder. The heating of the furnace is divided into two sections. One part is the heating area (horizontal) the next part is the high temperature section (horizontal).
Parameter and specifications:
1.Steady warmth treatment furnace: complete size for this equipment is twenty meters(furnace is 15 meters, loading & unloading holder is five meters). The furnace is welded by high high quality section steel, the furnace is lined with large temperature resistant substantial alumina refractory firebrick, insulation layer is created of fiber and other thermal insulation resources. All round, the high temperature furnace is gentle and of great insulation overall performance.
2.Application: Cylinder normalizing warmth treatment
three.Specification: ISO CZPT, cylinder fat:6kg/laptop, 12.5kg/laptop,25 and 52kgs Diameter of cylinder is from DN200-400mm
4.Doing work effectiveness: 200pcs/hour
5.Entrance temperature: 30ºC
six.Cylinder heating temperature: 900ºC±25ºC
7.The max. operating temperature of the furnace body: ≤1000ºC
eight.The temperature increase of furnace human body surface area is in accordance to China market standards.
9.Elements of the furnace:
ten.Horizontal furnace physique: one established
11.Loading and unloading chain system: 1 pair
12.Nature gas control system(record that contains): one established
13.Flue gasoline and heat exchange method: one set
14.Gasoline sort: character gas 
15.Gas calorific value: 8500 Kcal / kg
sixteen.The type of combustion apparatus: large-speed gas burner
seventeen.Heating amount and thermal load distribution: eight pcs gas burner
18.No. of burners in heating segment:4 pcs burners, 230KW/pcs
19. No. of burners in the entrance of temperature holding section : 2 pcs burners, 230KW/pcs
twenty. No. of burners in the back again end of temperature holding section : 2pcs burners, 150KW/pcs
21.Energy source: 20KW, 380V, 50Hz 
Burner and manage technique:

one. Large velocity fuel burner and ratio control program

Constant cylinder heat treatment furnace requires the equal heat provide, equally loading the cylinder, and wants to offer huge heating load adjustments, so we select ratio burning control system. The sleeve tube on the burner nozzle will type a high speed jet steam when burning, can stir up the inside atmosphere and similarly supply the warmth. The heating of every single burner nozzle is ratio handle.
In the ratio control method, the burner nozzle will automatically change the heating in accordance to the temperature in the furnace, the energy, mixture ratio, spraying velocity will be adjusted to a ideal situation, which will successfully enhance the burning capacity and minimize the air pollution. Via the cooperation of the many burner nozzles, the heat flow will be uniformly dispersed in the furnace, which will enhance the heating quality of the cylinder and temperature uniform. We also decide on controller of substantial resolution and appropriate power burner nozzle to achieve a large linearity of the program. That type of handle technique is commonly utilized in metallurgy and machine warmth remedy market.

two. Working station handle program

That program has the characteristic of expansibility, adopts the handle system: a single gauge- one burner nozzle or one gauge- multi-burner nozzles. The instrument adopts Japan conductive company SRS3 variety intelligent temperature handle instrument. By way of hook up the sign of genuine temperature in the furnace and then estimate by pc to manage the on/off and size of the each burner nozzle, meanwhile , every single burner nozzle doing work issue can routinely go on according to the pre-set curve. And it will present the temperature handle position and its temperature and the curve(also has paperless recorder), demonstrate the operating situation of the burner nozzle, and failure warning.
The certain principle: the thermocouple will detect the temperature sign of quite segment furnace, then feed again to temperature instrument to examine the tolerance between the pre-established temperature and actual temperature, then handle the burner nozzle output by way of ratio control.

three. Alarm method and protection interlock gadget

Given that the gas is mother nature fuel, which is harmful, so the safety system is necessary. All the nozzles are equipped with automobile ignition gadget and flame detection unit, will output the warning sign when flame is out, the vehicle ignition gadget and flame detection gadget will minimize sown the solenoid valve, meanwhile there is indicator gentle will explain to which nozzle is down and start and cease the interlock unit. Audible and visible alarm will alarm to remind the operator to offer with the failure in time. There will is real-time check and failure document in our electrical method.

four. CZPT equipment: Japanese conductive meter, Chit or Delixi lower force electrical appliance, the cable wire is from inland well-known brand.

5. Burner: ignition controller, push switch, solenoid valve are from UAS Honeywell11 or German Krom, the hand valve and dish valve are from inland renowned brand name.

Primary material information:
one. The shell is welded by section steel and steel plate(high high quality metal)
two. Insulation fiber: ZheJiang
3. Substantial temperature refractory clay: HangCZPT
4. Higher temperature refractory brick: HangCZPT
5. CZPT Appliances: CHNT or Delixi
six. The gasoline burner: regional model
seven. Thermocouple: HangCZPT
eight. CZPT transmission chain: HangCZPT 

Other connected machines:
Deep drawing machine                                                      Circumferential welding equipment

Hydro testing machine                                                       Shot blasting device

Normalize Heat Treatment Furnace for 35kg LPG Cylinders