Custom-Made  Type  Carbon Steel Screw Conveyor

Custom-Made  Type  Carbon Steel Screw Conveyor

Screw conveyor

The screw conveyor has the features of simple composition, minimal cost, good airtightness and straightforward operation,
and so forth.,and capability of multi loading and unloading. It is vastly utilised in chemical, building substance, metallurgic and
grain industry. When the slanting angle β<20°, it has good performance, and which is characterized by fine
conveying of minimal viscosity, functionality constant, not agglomerate in shape of powder, particle and tiny
pieces of supplies.
In accordance to the various uses and environments, screw conveyor has a lot of new-type merchandise.For case in point,
the vertical conveyor variety LC and variety LS-Y utilized for blast furnace technique, variety XP and mono or double-
barrelled screw feeder specially used in lime slaking.
As a custom-made type of GX screw conveyor,LS screw conveyor is made of carbon steel material. 
Its surface  is fine processed and powder coated. ES screw conveyor is consist of a tubular tank which has at least onedischarging hole and one feeding hole the flanges on both ends of tubular tank the screw blades 
welded on the central tube joint bushings on both ends of central tube two end bearings  
(one of them is connected with driver) which contain self-regulation enclosed unit hanging bearing, whose number is depend on the overall length of screw conveyor. Besides, to satisfy users’ demand, CAO 
tubular screw conveyor is equipped with motor and gear box. ES screw conveyor is medium loading type 

Sand screw conveyor is mainly applied to feeding and delivery these materials: cement and filler dust 
in concrete manufacturing plant, cold processing filler dust in asphalt mixing plant, and cement and related 
resources in developing material treatment plant.

We have productively developed and place into batch manufacturing for Non-greasy lubricate screw conveyor.
1.Undertake non-greasy bearing, reliable in utilizing and we assure one.five a long time.
2.Avoid difficulty of oil injecting and conserve grease.
three.Basic in structure and simple for servicing.

Main Attributes: 
Adopt high-quality steel pipe with good integral rigidity.
CZPT pitches or three pitches design, which decrease the compression degree of material when being 
transported and avoiding blocking.
Adopt high-quality reducer with heavy-duty design,large torque and low noise.
Adopt optional universal ball joint, which facilitates installation,adjustment and steering.
Inlet equipped with high-quality middle-hoisting bearing and tail bearing.
Sufficient spare parts with complete specification.
Large stock for common diameter of 168,219,273,323and 407,and dimension&angle can be CZPT 
according to your requirement.
Assembled by standard parts and components, which makes it convenient for transportation.
Adopt Siemens motor.

III. Characteristics of Pellet screw conveyor 
one.Powder coated surface.
two.7 kinds of standard calibers.
three.There are welded end flanges, feeding hole, and discharging hole on the surface of tube. 
   The observing port is under feeding hole and hanging bearing.
four.There are standard flange sections inside the tube. One of the sections can be used to measure.
five.The screw blades are welded on the central tube.
six.Self-regulation enclosed unit is contains in end bearing components.
seven.Spline bushings.
eight.CZPTy tube has a lashing eye.
9.CZPT flange electric engine.
ten.Easy to maintain. Equipped with aluminum hanging bearing which has automatic lubrication bushing on it.
eleven.Small diameter, high efficiency, and high productivity.
twelve.Small size. Compact structure.
13.Few components and spare parts.
14.Economical and durable.
15.Easy to maintain.
sixteen.Feeding hole and discharging hole can be used universally, which makes installation more conveniently.
17.Excellent performance.
CZPT Parameter of Sort LS Screw CZPT

 Item LS
one hundred
a hundred and sixty
two hundred
four hundred
a thousand
Screw   diameter(mm) one hundred one hundred sixty two hundred 250 315 400 500 630 800 one thousand 1250
Screw   area one hundred a hundred and sixty two hundred 250 315 355 400 450 five hundred 560 630
Screwshaft   rotation speed(r/min) ≤140 112 one hundred ninety 80 seventy one 63 50 40 32 25
Cycloid reducer
of needle
and thread
Optimum transferring ability(m3/h) two.3 7 13 22 31 sixty two ninety eight 140 208 three hundred 388
Maximum   convrying ability ≤70  
Highest   obHangCZPTity ≤20°  
Remarks one.C1 program screw conveyor,belt length<35m,mono driving C2   system screw
conveyor,belt size<35mdouble driving
two.M1-With rolling hanging bearings.Make this distinct when you purchase
M2-With rolling bearings.Make sure you specify the substance of bush when you purchase.(We have brass,alloy wearable,castiron,oilless brass-foundation-graphite)

CZPT Parameter of Sort GX Screw CZPT

Product GX150 GX200 GX250 GX300 GX400 GX500 GX600
Screw diameter(mm) a hundred and fifty 200 250 300 400 500 600
Screw area(mm) one hundred twenty 160 two hundred 240 320 four hundred 480
Screw shaft rotation velocity(r/min) ≤120 a hundred 90 eighty 71 63 fifty
Electricity of motor .55-100kw                                                          
Retarder kind ZQ250-ZQ850                                                         
Greatest conveying potential four.5 eight.five sixteen.five 23.5 fifty four seventy nine 139
Greatest conveying duration ≤70                                                         
Maximum obHangCZPTity ≤15°                                                      



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Custom-Made  Type  Carbon Steel Screw Conveyor