Automatic Storage and Retrieval System From Nova

Automatic Storage and Retrieval System From Nova

Automated warehouse racking program

1. Racking

Structural attribute: AS/RS Technique are generally outfitted with pallet racking and generate-in racking, each of which are composite construction. Metal panels and wooden panels are CZPT for loading with great potential. CZPTs will do the loading and unloading work beneath the instruction from the central computer. AS/RS Technique is mainly used in the foodstuff, tobacco, digital, mechanical and armament industry.

two. Stacker

Structural feature: CZPT upright framework, steady and reliable, vector frequency conversion push and encoder place management, mechanical and electronic basic safety gadgets to make certain secure using of the technique All the way tracing engineering by details transferring CZPT elements are imported from overseas Touching display screen interface for simple procedure Creating manual, semiautomatic, automatic and linkage handle come correct Employed in numerous situations by combining with other logistics products.

three. Conveying system

Structural characteristic: Conveying technique is typically outfitted in the front or back again of warehouse for conveying goods listed here and there, bridging the techniques completed by forklifts and stackers by using rolling conveyor or chain conveyor and combining with lifts, rotating devices and other equipments.

4. Controlling method

Structural feature: Communicating with WMS and ECS by means of OPC arrangement, PROFIBUS bus network, set up by Siemens S7-three hundred controller can operate all conveyors offline, undertaking conveying of products immediately.
Please refer to the connected drawing for specifics of conveying program

five. WMS Method

CZPTs of WMS System: CZPT network composition, network sever, RF server, computer systems for administration and monitor, RF foundation station and RF terminal for in/out warehouse of items.
Softwares of WMS Technique:
Running method: WINDOW 2000X SEVER
Information-foundation: MS SQL SEVER 2000X
Warehouse management software program: WMS
Gear controlling computer software: ECS
Bar code management software: RFS

6. Other associated gear

Other connected equipment contain switching cart, rail cart, O/R desk, automated guided car, auto-picking system, digital label, pallet lift and so on.

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Automatic Storage and Retrieval System From Nova