Automatic Offset Printed Box Die-Cutter

Automatic Offset Printed Box Die-Cutter

Total Automatic and Manual Die-Reducing and Creasing Machine

  1. Requirements:
Product Device QMY1200P
Max. Paper Size  mm 1200*780 1300*960 1500*1100
Min. Paper Dimension mm 350*350 four hundred*410 500*440
Max. Die-reducing Dimensions mm 1180*760 1280*940 1480*1080
Max. Speed sh/h -5000 -4600 -4000
Max. Working Force T three hundred three hundred three hundred
Corrugate sheet Thickness mm one-7 1-7 1-7
Cardboard sheet dimensions gsm 250-800 250-800 250-800
Die-chopping Precision mm ±0.five ±0.5 ±0.5
Whole Power KW 22.five 22.5 27.5
Total Excess weight kg 14500 15500 19000
Total Dimension mm 8000*4000*2250 8750X4100X2245 9400X4600X2245

Characteristics of the equipment:
Major Characteristics:

  1. The Bobst type cut framework makes the slicing platform movement like a scissor, it will understand a total and less complicated minimize.
  2. Primary worm gear makes use of alloy copper materials, after the experienced operator’s guide scraping remedy and stringent common tests, it can ensures the driving elements 10 years daily life.
  3. The main chains adopt imported British Renold brand name, the variations of 10 chains are significantly less than .2mm.
  4. The hook up among gear box and driving shaft adopts sleeve and pin construction ensuring a sturdy link.
    1. Pace:  

The device adopts frequency controller to achieve stepless pace acceleration which can achieve to 4500 occasions for each hour. Throughout actual manufacturing, it can usually operate at 3600 to 4200 occasions per hour in accordance to the quality of the board. If the top quality of the paper is very good, a good operator even can run the device at greatest speed.

  1. Protection:

As it is revealed in the image of the machine, the machine adopts  automatic paper feeding approach which keeps the operator absent from the die-cutting portion. The mounting and adjustment of the die plate is also completed outside the house of the die-reducing component with sensors and detectors at die-chopping part to guarantee that the device can not be began when the die-cutting plate is at adjustment standing.
Besides the sensors at die-chopping part, there are sensor or method switches at window element to make the entire equipment at checking position to ensure its protection.

  1. Procedure usefulness:

There is Man-equipment interface set up in the control panel which will exhibits the basic safety standing of the machine as nicely as malfunctions to facilitate the operator. Digital camera is also set up in front of the operator for him/her to check the procedure position at the shipping and delivery portion.

  1. Main Constructions and Key Material Utilised
    1. 4 Principal Huge Components:

They are: base station, relocating system, upper system and equipment wall. The base station is created of gray cast iron -HT 200 the relocating platform is ductile iron – QT 42-ten and the device wall is high quality A3 steel.

  1. Main Generate:

The eleven KW Siemens Motor together with the pneumatic clutch, worm shaft and worm gear kinds a transferring set to ensure secure pressure out set of not considerably less than three hundred tons.

The content for the worm shaft is 40Cr with quenching therapy and equipment hardness HRC forty five-50. the material for the worm is copper alloy – ZQAL9-4.
The bearing that is used is SKF. The bush is copper alloy ZQSn6-six-three.

  1. Die-reducing and Creasing Portion:

The generate is transferred by way of crank rod to pendulum which will provide the transferring platform to go up and down to achieve die-reduce and creasing objective.
The pendulum is created of high quality ductile iron. The pendulum axis is accomplished by induction harden with surface hardness HRC forty three-forty eight. The width of the pendulum is 250mm and diameter of pendulum shaft 70 mm – completely comply with the specification of 1080 sort automatic die-cutting and creasing machine. When compared with automatic die-reducing and creasing equipment which is utilised for cardboard die-slicing, this variety of computerized die-reducing and creasing device is mostly utilised for corrugated board which demands much less strain for die-slicing, in this situation very some producers have manufactured smaller width on the pendulum and scaled-down diameter on the pendulum shaft. We hold wider pendulum and greater diameter on its shaft to make our machine last for a longer lifestyle.
The die-cutting plate utilizes 7 mm seventy five Crl plate which has a lot more hardness and life span than the manganese plate.  

  1. Board Conveying:

It adopts three-cam intermittent positioning device to ensure the boarding conveying exact and steady.
The equipment utilizes gripper bar kind with 12A extended joints chain which is less in bodyweight and less shock to the intermittent device below the precondition to make sure the energy of the chain. The brand of the chain is Renold U.K with substantial specific and good quality. .    
The Gripper bar adopts aviation aluminum with three bridge kind- light in excess weight and high in strength.

  1. CZPT Component

The electrical elements are created and assembled in accordance to the CZPTpean CE regular and uses planet extensive known model merchandise.

  1. Set up of Die

The die mounting and dismounting adopts facet withdrawing ways which time saving and simple for procedure.
There are two techniques for the fixation of the die-both by bolt or clippers which are subject to customer’s suggestions.
The chase locking is pneumatic which is easy, handy and trustworthy.

  1. Unique People of Our Device:
    1. Clever And Special Entrance Lay Design and style:

Compared with the card board sheet, the corrugated board has a lot more strength. If the corrugated board abnormally reaches to the entrance lay, it will harm the entrance lay and the gripper bar when the entrance lay reaches to its highest position.
CZPTly the producers will set up sensors on this portion to end the equipment when the paper is fed abnormally to the front lay. Nevertheless, when the machine is running at the higher velocity, the inertia will deliver the machine to operate for a although to make the front lay to its optimum level and then also damage the entrance lay and the gripper bar.
Our special layout is that when the abnormal board feeding takes place and becoming detected, the entrance lay can by no means reaches to its maximum level which can make free of charge from front lay and gripper bar damages simply because of irregular paper feeding.
As it is our special design, so there is no photo to be shown here.

  1. Automobile-Handbook Switching System

The Feeding system for this sort of device can do automobile and guide. When the sheet form is good, you can use car-function. When the form of the sheet is not very good, you can use manual perform and do sheet feeding manually.  
When the sheet is not good in condition, you can open up the rear beam and lift up the feeder to do manual feeding.  

  1. Stripping Portion  

 (a) The equipment is 50 percent striping which can strip off three – edge waste and center holes of the board.
 (b) There are upper chase, middle chase and reduced chase exactly where the male, elastic block and
female die are positioned to strip off the squander.              

  1. Configurations:
Name Model and Origin Remarks
CZPT SKF Swiss Essential component
IKO Japan or HangCZPT, China Not important component
Chain Renold U.K Primary Chain ( Discrepancy of less than .two mm for for every 10 chains of machine chain length)
CHOHO Japan Other Chain are Choho Japan
Relay Omron Japan  
Contactor, buttons TELEMECANIQUE
Photograph CZPT Switch Fotek ZheJiang  
Stabilizer  MEANCZPT ZheJiang  
Variator Delta ZheJiang  
Principal Motor Siemens Joint Undertaking
PLC Delta, ZheJiang  
Man-equipment Interface Delta  
Pneumatic Elements Dawn, ZheJiang  
Rotary Joints SMC Japan  
Motor at feeding and supply CPG ZheJiang  


Automatic Offset Printed Box Die-Cutter