a Frame Automatic Poultry Chicken Bird Cages for Layer with Automatic Drinking System:

a Frame Automatic Poultry Chicken Bird Cages for Layer with Automatic Drinking System:

A Body Layer Cage System

 It is designed each open and shut home all over the world,specially for open house in huge farm who has adequate land,it is much more appropriate to be utilized in tropical zone this kind of as Africa,South East Asia and South Asia International locations.it is Cold Galvanized or all Scorching Dipped Galvanized cages.

Higher amount of birds is reared per unit of location and it will help in determining bad producers and prompt culling,so it saves a lot more price for Farmers since its considerably lower investment decision as H Frame Cage Method
Much more Appropriate to use in rain-much less district,sturdy and strong composition for prolonged life span
Simply to provide and set up in customers farm and make routine maintenance
Prompt actions to handle feed wastage simply because of the lengthier design and style feed trough edge
The cage approach of housing is ideal for the region of moderated local climate conditions exactly where the working day temperature in summer time is not high or fall as well minimal
The overlap areas is smaller so the rooster property can get a lot better ventilation,it can be utilized the two in open or shut home according clients’ wants.
The Manure Assortment can be scraper type or manure belts conveyor sort.

Computerized Feeding Technique:
The chicken feed saved in the silo nearby and despatched by transverse feed auger with motor computerized.the feeding devices can be feeding trolley type or chain feeding program.
Computerized Ingesting Program:
Sq. or Round pipes(thickness 2.5mm) with stainless metal nipple drinkers,and constituted by H2o Strain Regulators,filters and dosers from DOSATRON.
Egg-selection Technique:
Egg manufacturing a lot than ground raising and all egg can be equipped with vertical computerized egg selection program and egg conveyor CZPT to the egg shop room

The Regular Specifications of Cages:

Merchandise No. Duration Depth Peak Device Dimension Cells/Unit/Established Tiers/ Established Birds/mobile/ unit/set
PT-A390 390 350 380 1950*350*380 5/6 3 3/fifteen/ninety
PT-A4120 390 350 380 1950*350*380 five/8 four 3/fifteen/120
PT-A396 490 350 380 1960*350*380 4/6 3 4/16/ninety six
PT-A4128 490 350 380 1960*350*380 four/8 4 4/16/128
PT-A3120 430 420 410 2150*420*410 5/6 three 4/20/a hundred and twenty
PT-A4160 430 420 410 2150*420*410 five/eight four 4/twenty/one hundred sixty
PT-A3150 430 500 430 2150*500*430 5/six three five/25/150
PT-A4200 430 five hundred 430 2150*five hundred*430 5/8 4 five/twenty five/two hundred

1. Q: What type of products do you have?
    A: We supply all types of products for hen farms, such as Chicken Cages, Computerized Consuming and            Feeding Program, Computerized Egg-selection Method, Computerized Manure Removal Program, Temperature         Controlling Technique, and many others.

2. Q: How many days will you supply the products if I place the purchase?
    A: Relies upon on the quantity you request, in 7 working times or thirty working times.

threeQ: How to set up the cages when I get them?
    A: If you want install the cage yourself, we will give the Set up Guide.
        If you require the specialist engineer, we will send out our engineer who can talk English Fluently.

four. Q: Can you supply totally free sample?
   A: Of course, we can supply free of charge sample from the cusotmer shell out for the freight cost.

five. Q: Could you you should tell me the comprehensive details of cages? and how to get the cages?
   A:Speak to Dianna,Whatsapp amount,you will get information from her.

a Frame Automatic Poultry Chicken Bird Cages for Layer with Automatic Drinking System: