5000cph Brew Canned Bottling Machine

5000cph Brew Canned Bottling Machine

CZPT description
It is ideal for filling and capping carbonated beverage this sort of as beer, CSD, and so forth. It is equipped the advanced device, electrical products, and pneumatic manage engineering. It has the qualities of filling reposefully, high speed, liquid stage control, capping reliably, frequency conversion timing, considerably less substance loss. It can be outfitted lengthy-length handle system. It is the chosen tools for the medium beer and beverage plant.
Operating process
Can is pushed into can keeping system a single by one by feeding screw and star-wheel. Centering cup of filling valve will drop to can the length in between filling valves and cans is sealed by springiness plastic ring. The motion of centering cup is produced by plastic loafer wheel together curvilinear motion. After loaded, valve will be shut, air is discharged, and centering cup will increase from the can. Loaded can will be despatched to conveyor chain, then to capper. Capper will take cap, change in excess of the edge of can and flip the edge to finish the sealing motion by the control of cam. Following that can is transferred to conveying technique.
Principal functions

  1. Wholly sealed widow construction which is stunning, concise, simple and hugely operated
  2. Biking tank style with precision sharpening inside
  3. Substantial precision and huge stream fee filling valves to satisfy productive prerequisite
  4. Specially designed roller structure which is effortless to be modified, locked and ensure sealing purpose
  5. Welcoming and convenient working panel with large expansibility.
  6. The filling valve is adopts higher precision mechanism valve, quick speed filling, large precision liquid level.
  7. The filling vat adopts 316L substance developed sealing vat, to attain constant pressure filling.
  8. The stream rate of the filling valve>125ml/s.
  9. Principal transmission adopts toothed belt and gearbox open up-sort transmission assemblies, large efficiency, lower sound.
  10. The principal generate adopts action-considerably less pace modify for frequency conversion, the total machine adopts PLC manage the capping machine and filling device undertake coupling joint, to make sure synchronization of two machines.
  11. With filling with can, no filling CZPT can.
  12. The filling way is consistent strain filling, with quickly filling speed and secure motion.
  13. Adopting introduce into total set of Switzerland (Ferrum) capping technologies.
  14. Capping trolley adopts higher hardness alloy steel quench(HRC>62), capping curve adopts projection grinder precision machining, to guarantee the quality of capping.
  15. With capping with can, no capping CZPT can handle system, to guarantee the normal operating of the machine.
  16. With CIP automated rinsing purpose.
  17. With centralized lubrication system.

Working station
The filling equipment is produced of can inlet component, filling portion, air exhaust portion and idle stroke. The in depth station is like the following image.

Can inlet

can inlet part filling portion air exhaust element idle stroke
Major composition
Material of filling valve: Stainless metal SUS316L.Substance of rotary tray and device system of rinser and filler: Stainless steel SUS304.Major motor: SEW (Germany).Lubrication bearing: Igus (Germany).Frequency inverter: Siemens (Germany) Contact display: Siemens (Germany).PLC: Siemens (Germany).Contactor: Schneider (France).Breaker: Schneider (France)Air swap: Schneider (France).Pneumatic parts: CAMOZZI (Italy).Seals: SEALTECH (HK).Photoelectric switch: Unwell (Germany). Proximity switch: TURCK (Germany).CZPT parameters

Design PYGF20-4
Doing work positions filler 20, capper 4
Chain length 114.3mm
Rated ability 5,000CPH (500ml)
Way of filling isobar filling
Appropriate can diameter 45~70mm, peak 80-175mm
Filling force .twenty five-.35Mpa
Filling temperature ~4ºC
COtwo use 2.five Nmthreeh
Compressed air consumption .5Nm3h (.four~.5MPa)
Rating voltage 380V, 50HZ
Put in energy 3KW
Dimension 3650×1950×2200mm(L×H×W)
Height of conveyor 1200-1400mm
Machine excess weight 5000 Kg

5000cph Brew Canned Bottling Machine